Your wedding is likely to be the most special day, and biggest party you'll ever host in your life. We understand that choosing your band can be a huge decision; we have the opportunity to turn a good night into a great night!

We've answered a few common questions we receive below, to help you make up your mind.

The Singer Swingers

A: Our fee will depend on how long we're playing for and how far we need to travel. If you're interested in booking, just give us a message and we'll offer our best price.

A: Our standard set is from 8.00pm until 12.00am. We'll play two live sets, with a break during the buffet. We'll continue to play music through the break, or can play from an iPhone/iPod playlist of your own - if you prefer.

A: If your night extends beyond 12.00am, we'll be happy to play a DJ set for the remainder of the night – at an additional cost – so just ask us at the time of booking.

A: No problem! This kind of booking is becoming more common. We'll normally play the first half of the reception before handing over to the DJ at the buffet break for the rest of the night.

A: No!

While we have loads of Swing songs in our repertoire, and the name may suggest so; we can play as much or as little Swing music as you like on the night.

Really, our priority, and what sells us, is that we try to perform a variety of songs that will make everyone smile, sing and dance along to - regardless of how old or young your crowd is.

We have fun performing; and hope that translates to you and your guests having fun, too, and dancing away on a packed dance floor all night.

A: Yes, we do it!

If you've seen our footage you'll know that we don't take ourselves too seriously and like to indulge in some light-hearted, not too complicated dancing during our sets so we love throwing a Canadian Barn Dance into the mix!

If you're keen to include a few traditional dances in your night, simply let us know and we'll make time for a short ceilidh set at no extra cost

A: It shouldn't take us any longer than 45 minutes to set up and sound-check our equipment.

We aim to arrive around an hour before we're due to begin, and will set up our PA and lighting as soon as the room is ready.

All our equipment is covered by our public liability insurance and subject to PAT (Portable Appliance Testing).

A: Yes, of course. So long as we're able to find a suitable track and feel it's something that we're able to sing (we really don't want to murder a Mariah Carey song that we've no right to be singing!), we'll be happy to learn it.

We ask for at least one month's notice to learn any new requests. We won't be offended if you ask us to play the original track, either, as we know you might hold that version dearly. Just ask Kevin how that turned out at his wedding!

A: We wouldn't recommend doing so, no.

We'll use our years of experience to choose our set wisely so that there's songs for everyone in the room to enjoy and dance along to.

We'll always have a chat with you beforehand to understand your musical tastes and if there's any particular do's or don'ts from our repertoire.

A: Yeah, sure!

It's always nice to see a relative or friend get up and do their party-piece.

Ideally, it would be good to know about it beforehand, so we can make sure we have a track available. We'll always run any requests on the night by you, just in case you decide to veto and save everyone from a shocker!